Welcome to Community Lifestyles

Community Lifestyles was set up in 1995 as a wholly owned subsidiary of KEY Housing Association Limited.  It is a registered charity, managed by a Board of Directors who work in a voluntary capacity, and provides individualised, person-centred support arrangements for adults with learning disabilities and complex needs.

We believe in the principles as defined in The Same as You and create positive opportunities for
• Personal Development
• Individual Autonomy
• Full Inclusion
• Active Citizenship

We are registered with the Care Commission as a provider of Housing Support Services and Support Services for Adults with Learning Disabilities.  We are committed to the relevant sets of National Care Standards.

Community Lifestyles was set up in August 1995 in response to growing numbers of requests for KEY to develop individual arrangements for adults with a learning disability and complex needs, who wished to live in their own homes and develop a ‘lifestyle of choice’ in their community.

We recognised that people should not have to fit into services, but that services should be designed around people, taking individual needs and talents into consideration.

Individuality remains the foundation of our services and allows us to support people with a range of complexities and ‘special needs’, including people with autism, complex health needs, chaotic lifestyles, mental health issues and people who may ‘challenge services’.

Community Lifestyles responds positively and creatively to individual support requirements with the aspirations and needs of the people we support being of paramount importance in everything that we do.

We support adults of all ages and with all levels of support need.


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